Design is intelligence made visible. - Tim Brown (IDEO) 


Setser Group provides a mix of industry and functional flexpertise to help our clients address their most interesting and complex education and business challenges. We offer multiple opportunities from strategy through execution to help move projects, prototypes, and organizations towards a shared future vision, alignment, and commitment to outcomes and results.  

Advisory Services  |   Discovery + Design Labs   |   Capabillity Collectives: Implementation + Transformation Services

Advisory Services

We provide trusted advice, enduring relationships, access to deep networks, transparency, and outcomes-focused consulting for:


  • Strategic retreats that build team culture, a DEI lens, and shape the vision, goals, key performance indicators, and operational protocols to drive results.

  • Innovation audits to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement, and threats to organizational readiness and outcomes.

  • Market research scans and reports to determine market position, competitive advantages, and go to market strategies to pursue market leadership.

  • Digital maturity and readiness assessments to determine the people, process, and digital solutions suite to ready organizations for scale.


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Discovery + Design Labs

We provide 90-day Research, Design, and Development labs. Some examples include:


  • Strategic positioning and planning to shorten the path to sector success.

  • Learning or business model design sessions to develop a business canvas, a financial pro forma, and scenarios to test in the market.

  • Digital strategy plans, frameworks, and implementation plans to build organizational performance for growth and impact.

  • Design thinking, DEI, and prototype coaching to establish internal innovation hubs and teams to transform organizational outcomes.

  • Implementation roadmaps for new products, services, approaches, and projects to build team capacity for leadership and sustainability.


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Capability Collectives:

Implementation + Transformation Services

We provide multi-month and annual support services for long-term implementation and transformation. Some examples include:


  • C-suite as a service to lead teams, run projects, or execute products and services.

  • Leadership, training, and coaching for change management, DEI, and team development to deepen bench talent within an organization.

  • Project management for the talent, digital, operations, and academic innovation outcomes that matter to learning organizations.


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As someone who sits at the nexus of next-generation learning models in K-12, it is refreshing every time I get a chance to go deep with Bryan in that he is extremely open to co-design and to figuring things out, using a growth mindset and a relentless resolve to push through the harder challenges of educating the kids who need it the most. We’ve had multiple engagements with him over the years, and he has been and continues to be a valuable member and chair of our advisory board.

- Andy Calkins

Deputy Director NGLC