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Implementation Services

Turning Visions into Realities 

Our comprehensive suite of services is meticulously designed to provide you with the strategic guidance and expertise needed to not just meet but exceed your goals. 


At Setser Group, we are your partners in shaping a brighter future for learning and work. 

Propel your organization to make the impact you need.

Together, we can build a culture where the collective capabilities of people and machines produce better outcomes together.

  • We offer our expertise and project leadership to expand teams, manage projects, and execute products, prototypes, and services.

  •  We work to provide innovation leads to manage your organizations' innovation portfolio in order to create capacity in your leaders and teams to transform your organization.

  • Setser Group prepares your people for change management, DEI, and team development to deepen bench talent within an organization.

  • We help oversee the talent, digital, operations, and academic innovation outcomes that matter to learning organizations.

  • Full-service operational planning design and execution for annual results that matter for organizations.

in Action

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Setser Group partnered with Winston-Salem State University to design, launch, and scale the Ram Entrepreneurship and Equity Lab through the generous support of their work through the Mackenzie Scott Foundation.

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