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We are excited to welcome new talent to Setser Group. See below for how you can work with us! 

Pensive Freelancer
Talent Squad

We have a team of talented individuals who we call on to work on projects we feel are well matched to their talents.

We continue to look for individuals who are a good fit for our dynamic fast-paced virtual environment. 

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Ahmaud Arbery Legacy Internship 


Our firm decided after the tragic death of Ahmaud Arbery that we would honor his legacy by setting up a paid internship for students of color to complement our own learning and understanding of the world and to empower young people to launch their pursuits for a better future. 


At Setser Group, we want to empower our interns to choose their own adventure, support the common interests of the firm, and develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to change the world. Some examples of the internship pathways are as follows:


Build a Career in Education - support us on calls, with project designs, and working with us to deliver on client expectations and real projects. Inform the work through your perspective, and help us keep what matters in our society our first focus.


Build a Business - learn the ins and outs of a start-up, and participate in multiple areas of the firm including marketing, service delivery, resource development, and proposal writing. Also, help inform the work in terms of our customers and the user experience.


Build a Digital Brand - work with us on developing your own brand, ours, and those of our clients. Help us ensure we are inclusive and empathetic to the world around us and to the needs of our stakeholders.


Develop a Portfolio - show your work through client engagements on our team, through designs you've produced, and/or tools you've developed for our firm and the field. Bring unique talents to the work and help us make it better.

This internship is for college students and is aimed at creating new opportunities for young people of color. This internship is paid and virtual. Students will work remotely and if computer access is a barrier, we will provide a device. 


Melissa Diaz

Fall 2020

Immanuel Fowler

Fall 2020

Talent Squad

Talent Squad

We employ a team of talented individuals with a multitude of strengths as we serve our clients in K-12 + higher education as well as organizations in the private sector. We are always accepting and reviewing resumes as opportunities become available. 

  • Education + workforce background preferred

  • Experience, specific skills, and what you are truly passionate about doing to build the future of learning + work

  • Cover Letter of Interest + Resume 

  • Three references 

To apply, complete the form below and select Talent Squad



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Thank you for your submission!

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