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Setser Group's Wayfinder Micro-Courses

AI's Role in the Workplace:

Real World Applications, and Frameworks for Success

  • Understanding AI's Role

  • Real-World Applications

  • Strategic Execution 



Enrollment Open

In our first micro-course, we delve deep into the crucial balance between technology and humanity. As AI continues to revolutionize the world, understanding its impact and potential is more important than ever. This micro-course is a journey into the heart of AI – exploring the reasons behind its adoption, its application in various organizational contexts, and the strategies for effective implementation.


Creating a Culture of Innovation

  • Innovation Assessment 

  • Design Challenge Workshop 

  • 90-Day Roadmap



Enrollment Open

Our second micro-course is tailored for those aspiring to build and sustain an innovative environment within their teams and organizations. Innovation is not just about ideas; it's about turning challenges into opportunities and ideas into realities. Through this micro-course, participants will undergo an assessment to understand their current innovation landscape, workshop potential challenges and opportunities, and develop a 90-day roadmap to innovation success.


Build a Business Ready for Any Future: Shape Your Business for Tomorrow’s Success

  • Lean Canvas Approach 

  • Fractional Talent Utilization

  • Quarterly Diagnostics

  • Digital Dashboards




Enrollment Open

This micro-course is a hands-on guide for entrepreneurs and prospective side hustle leaders aiming to adapt and thrive in the rapidly evolving marketplace. It introduces the lean canvas model, enlightens participants on utilizing fractional talent and partnerships, and guides them through the execution of a quarterly workspace to achieve key business milestones.

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At Checkout 

  • Facilitated Mirco-Course

    • Up to 5 participants for a Wayfinder Micro-Course
    • Facilitated By Setser Group Talent Cloud
  • Best Value

    Facilitated Micro-Course with Workshop

    • Up to 10 participants for a Wayfinder Micro-Course
    • 90-Minute Virtual Workshop
    • Facilitated by Bryan Setser

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