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What if people don’t learn it?

I’ve always been a Monday mission-forward guy. At Setser Group, we use our Slack Channel to set expectations around given projects and often tag the project lead and/or team members to make sure all are clear on the direction for the week. What we often find is people have trouble or delay getting started. They don’t often understand the first rule of gaining time to organize themselves and each other.

Step 1

Go to your personal and professional calendars and block off time to brainstorm, collaborate with each other, iterate, and refine.

Step 2

​Find some time to outlearn the competition. Get as smart as you can on where a piece of content, project effort, or team key question stands. Use the Internet, slide share, key websites, and Twitter feeds to gain a basic understanding of the problem you are trying to solve and/or an aspiration you are seeking to better understand.

Step 3

Ask for help. Talk to others to shorten your path to mastery.

Step 4

Find personal time on Monday to rest and restart this process on Tuesday.

Do not procrastinate or put off even starting to Wednesday, for example, if you have a deadline or early status report at the end of the week.

At Setser Group our founder and client engagement leads often check in midweek to see where folks are struggling and/or starting to move towards a visual design on meaning making. We use tools like Canva, Slide Bean, Google Slides, and Infogram to visualize ideas or concepts. Often the rendering of a driver diagram or graphic can help folks understand whether they are learning the expectation delivered on Monday and/or whether they need coaching or further supports. Part of assessing opportunities in every crisis is to have a growth mindset instead of a deficit one. If you believe a problem is solvable, you can exercise an insatiable curiosity that becomes infectious to your team.

Bonus: Learn more on how Setser Group thinks about our value of insatiable curiosity and how we evoke tools to empower it throughout the week towards a final polished deliverable or status update at the end of a week for our clients and teams we work with:



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