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Jack Shaw

Jack Shaw is an experienced Senior Consultant at Setser Group, who specializes in organizational development. With years of working with startups, schools, and districts under his belt, Jack has become a trusted advisor in navigating the complexities of organizational growth and development. His expertise is not just limited to theoretical knowledge, but he has a proven track record of success, having tackled start-up challenges head-on and played a pivotal role in the dynamics of founding teams across various sectors.


Before joining Setser Group, Jack made significant contributions at Amplify, School by Design, and Abl. At these organizations, he was instrumental in helping founding boards, teams, and customers adapt and thrive in the rapidly evolving modern landscape. His holistic approach encompasses a wide range of organizational needs, from strategic planning and operational structuring to fostering sustainable innovations in people practices, product development, and program design, specifically tailored for the K-12 education sector.

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