We are the builders. 

 We believe it is time for the collective intelligence of the many to out-innovate the few. Through innovation and evidence-based methods, we can solve societies' most complex problems.

Setser Group helps organizations improve and innovate towards a sustainable and equitable future for us all.

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We have an insatiable curiosity for the world around us. We provide time for our team to engage in professional development as an ongoing practice. Education is our passion and we value learning well beyond the K-20 experience.


We know the world is changing faster than ever and that yesterday’s solutions no longer work for today’s challenges. As the landscape before us changes rapidly, we are agile and intentional in our strategies. We don’t fear failure, we embrace our boundless energy for trying new things.


We believe trust is built on transparency. We have continuous engagement around our company values, mission, and vision. We encourage frequent discussions and openness around company culture and the way we build relationships within the organization and with clients.


We build bigger tables. We value inclusion and believe in the power of diverse teams. We know that uncommon outcomes are only achieved by bringing together people of diverse backgrounds.


We make space for our team to volunteer and participate in community activism. We donate to the causes that matter deeply to those on our team.


We know that leadership is not limited to those with the most experience. Leadership is a culture that we value and encourage at all levels within our firm. 





We believe in the power of sharing our story as a new business, navigating a global pandemic, and the challenges we face as Americans. 

Each week we share our take on current events, provide resources for how to navigate these unprecedented times, and offer insight into the work we do to build the future of learning + work. 


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