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Retreat Planning

Our team designed and facilitated a three-day summer retreat for Equity Now.

If you're interested in changing the odds for your team, check out our recap of the Equity Now 2022 Summer Retreat. 

We are the builders. 

We believe that a better world is not designed by the expertise of the few, but rather through the collective intelligence of many equipped with a common pursuit to make life better and more meaningful for those we serve. 


A simple question on partnering with someone or an organization is would you like to spend time with these people outside of the project? Have they earned your trust? Do they respect and honor your lens and experiences? At Setser Group we want to learn about your values and figure out ways we can partner in your success.


We have an insatiable curiosity for the world around us. We provide time for our team to engage in professional development as an ongoing practice. Learning is our passion, and we value all perspectives in the pursuit of truth, beauty, justice, and projects that create significant value in the lives of others.


We know the world is changing faster than ever and that innovation is the practice of applying evidence-based, new, or different approaches to problems for better outcomes. As the landscape before us continues to be volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous - we respond with humility and intentionality in our strategies. Innovation is a verb in our world, not a noun.


We believe trust is built on transparency. We have continuous engagement around our company values, mission, and vision. We encourage frequent discussions and openness around company culture and the way we build relationships within the organization and with clients.


We build bigger tables. We value inclusion and believe in the power of diverse teams. We know that uncommon outcomes are only achieved by bringing together people of diverse backgrounds.


We make space for our team to volunteer and participate in community activism. We donate to the causes that matter deeply to those on our team.


We know that leadership is not limited to those with the most experience. Leadership is a culture norm that we value and encourage at all levels within our firm.



We believe in the power of sharing our story as a new business, helping others survive during a global pandemic, and solving the challenges we face as Americans. 

Each week we share our take on current events, provide resources for how to navigate these unprecedented times, and offer insight into the work we do to build the future of learning + work. 


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