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Catalyze equitable and sustainable solutions for learning + work through the delivery of people-centric design tools, products, and services.

To create equity-minded leaders, continuous improvement teams, and learning organizations for a better world. 



Insatiable Curiosity

Wow Experiences


Trust + Transparency

Continuous Improvement



Setser Group was founded in 2020 to honor a family of educators that spans for multiple generations across every level of United States education. Our family has always believed and lived the mantra that no significant learning occurs without significant relationships. We have been focused now for over six decades on building bigger tables and opportunities for others in terms of the outcomes that matter in our society. Founding this company is a tribute to all of the educators that help make a difference in the lives of students, educators, communities, and organizations every day in a relentless pursuit to provide irresistible experiences to improve the human condition.


Our CEO and Founder, Bryan Setser, attracts and recruits team members, experts, specialists, and strategic partners who embody our vision, mission, and core values below.

We are confident that the grand challenges of tomorrow will be solved by talent networks and collective flexpertise that is often found in teams, hive minds, and the wisdom of crowds. It is time for the collective intelligence of the many to truly out-innovate the few by applying evidence-based, new, and different methods to societies’ complex problems to create better outcomes for all.


With significant results and experience on remote work and online learning to organizational development and edu-business models, Bryan Setser and his team of digerati designers help organizations improve the organization they have so that they can innovate towards the organizations they need for a more sustainable and equitable future for us all.

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